Corporate Relations

Economic Development

University of Illinois Research Park

Illinois plays an integral role in fostering the economic development not only of the state of Illinois, but of the many corporations who call Champaign-Urbana home. Our state-of-the-art Research Park is conveniently located near campus and houses over 50 high-technology companies, all of whom have access to Illinois's research scientists, labs, and equipment for collaborative research. Businesses in our research park also sponsor internships, providing real-world experience for students while also reaping the benefits of adding highly trained personnel to their team.

Though many big businesses are attracted to Illinois and to the research park, small and mid-sized businesses can easily find the expertise, support, and resources they need to grow their business as well. The Office of Corporate Relations serves as a central point of contact for businesses of all sizes, from the startup who rents space in our small business incubator, EnterpriseWorks, to the multinational corporation who relies on our knowledge of the community and local economy when opening offices in Illinois.

Centrally located in the state, the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana offer a high standard of living, including the best in theatre, the arts, and Big Ten sports; proximity to Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis; and a close-knit and welcoming community for all.